*** A new version of the Macroeconomic Model Data Base is now available for download (2.0, March 12, 2014) ***


*** An updated version of the Macro Model Data Base with ADAPTIVE LEARNING is now available for download (May 5, 2015) ***



The Macroeconomic Model Data Base (MMB) is an archive of macroeconomic models based on a common computational platform that provides various tools for systematic model comparison. The project is headed by Volker Wieland, Professor of Monetary Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt.


The Model Database version 1.2 has been part of the EU-sponsored joint initiative on "Modelling and Implementation of Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Algorithms in Multi-Country Econometric Models" (MONFISPOL). The development of various distinct features of the MMB has been supported financially by the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, the Center for Financial Studies and by several research grants: 1) through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7) of the European Commission's Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Program from October 2008 to September 2011 under grant agreement SSH-CT-2009-225149, 2) the German Science Foundation (DFG Grant WI-2260/1-1), and 3) the LOEWE initiative of the State of Hessen within the SAFE Center of Excellence. The development of the model database with adaptive learning was supported by the Grant Agency of Czech Republic under grant agreement P402-11-J018.


We would like to thank the researchers who shared their model codes and/or assisted in model replication as well as Ph.D. students at Goethe University who helped implementing models in the database, listed here.


Newsletter for the Macroeconomic Model Data Base, Version 2.0


List of models available in the Macroeconomic Model Data Base, Version 2.0 


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John B. Taylor on the Model Database "Got a New Idea for Monetary Policy?" (September 6, 2010)


Volker Wieland on the Model Database, Handelsblatt (March 15, 2010) "Woran arbeiten Sie gerade, Herr Wieland?"



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