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Contribute your model to the Macroeconomic Model Data Base by completing this submission form!

There are certain aspects to consider when generating your code:

  1. Please use Dynare to write your code
  2. Start by replicating and write the code which generates impulse response functions shown in the paper of interest
  3. Some modifications have to be done to make the code comparable with other models:
  • Initialize common variables, common shocks (monetary policy and/or fiscal policy shock) and common parameters
  • Add equations to the model block which define common variables in terms of model specific variables
  • Add the common monetary policy rule and delete the model-specific rule

Further guidelines and requirements for generating your implementation code can be found in section 4 of our User Manual.

You can directly browse the source code of the MMB on GitHub. We are happy to receive pull requests.

Select and upload your model file. The submission accepts .mod, .txt and .zip files up to 10MB.
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Feel free to further provide info on whether the model is calibrated or estimated, whether it is a closed economy or open economy, and on which country's data it is estimated. Please also document difficulties and deviations while replicating.
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