Epi-MMB Online Comparison Platform

Dear all,

We are happy to introduce a new feature of Epi-MMB:  an online comparison platform (OCP) for all Epi-MMB models of our database.

The OCP makes the models of the Epi-MMB easily accessible for everyone. It enables you to compare the main results of different Epi-Macro models to each other. The online comparison platform is available at: https://ocp.epi-mmb.com.

You can choose the models, the shock size and the variables you want to compare, directly on our website and the results are displayed immediately. The graphs and the raw results can be downloaded directly from the website.

Additionally, we want to introduce you to our new blog: https://epi-mmb.blogspot.com/. Here you can find interesting analyses based on the Epi-MMB.

In the upcoming months, we will add more model versions and features to the online comparison platform.

We want to thank all the authors that already contributed and want to encourage you to contribute to our database either by submitting your model or sharing our project with your fellow colleagues.

We welcome your feedback. You can share your thoughts and suggestions by using the feedback section on our website or sending us an E-Mail.

Finally, please feel free to share the link to the Epi-MMB: https://www.epi-mmb.com/ with your colleagues and students or via social media, if you like.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Mathias Trabandt, Prof. Volker Wieland Ph.D, Alexander Dück, Clara Lindemann, Anh H. Le, KaiLong Liu, Sirikorn Puangjit and Sofia Semik.

Published by: alex

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