MMB Online Comparison Platform and MMB Blog

Dear MMB users,

We are pleased to introduce the Online Comparison Platform (OCP) of the Macroeconomics Model Database (MMB). The OCP is an online and mobile version of the MMB. Users can simulate and compare the models in the web browser without installing MATLAB/Octave, Dynare or any other software.

Try the OCP online at

All of the 151 models from the MMB 3.1.1, our latest version introduced to you in December, are available on the OCP. A few adjustments were made in the OCP: user-specified rule and state selections for adaptive learning models are removed; only the commonest shocks and variables among the models are shown.

Meanwhile, we recently launched the MMB blog, which provides examples of comparative exercises that help guide new users. Each post in the blog starts from a research question that is answered by results generated with the MMB. We welcome MMB users to contribute ideas to this blog.

Check out the blog at

We hope you enjoy this new platform. Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please write to us at or visit our forum at

Best wishes,

Michael Binder, John B. Taylor, Volker Wieland, Gregor Boehl and the MMB

Published by: Chihchun Huang

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