New release of MMB: MMB 2.3

The new release of MMB, MMB 2.3, features 21 new models, bringing the total number of models in MMB to 114, and enhances the MMB system compatibility.   

Among the features of the new models are that they capture financial market aspects such as leverage cycles, cross-border banking and/or inside money, and/or frictions such as sticky information and search in the labor market. With this new version of MMB, users may analyze the effects of monetary policy on the basis of a menu of monetary policy rules. Also, users may wish to take advantage of the user-friendly interface to study the effects of fiscal policy.

An overview of the new models in the MMB 2.3 can be found here.

Enhancing the system compatibility of MMB, Version 2.3 may be run under Windows, Mac (including the most recent releases of macOS) and Linux. For instance, MMB 2.3 is compatible with MATLAB on Ubuntu.

MMB 2.3 may be downloaded here.

Published by: Gregor Boehl

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