New release of MMB: MMB 3.0

The new release of MMB, MMB 3.0 features a complete new design of the GUI, 14 new models and independence of propietary software.

The new GUI delivers an improved design and user experience. The list of new features is long, among others we present a keyword search for the models in the database, it is suitable to accommodating the growing number of models in the MMB and complies with enhanced visual standards.

The new release of MMB, features 14 new models, bringing the total number of models in MMB to 128. This version of the MMB presents a major step towards making the MMB accessible in a fully open-source environment. The MMB 3.0 is not only compatible with Matlab but alternatively with recent releases of the open-source program Octave.

MMB 3.0 may be downloaded here.

With this new version of MMB, users may analyze the effects of monetary policy on the basis of a menu of monetary policy rules. Also, users may wish to take advantage of the user-friendly interface to study the effects of fiscal policy.

An overview of the new models in the MMB 3.0 can be found here.

Published by: Gregor Boehl

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