The new MMB-team introduces itself

As there were recently some changes taking place in terms of personnel working with and for the Macroeconomic Model Database, we would like to introduce our new team. Under the guidance of Volker Wieland and Michael Binder, there are now seven doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as well as some external consultants involved.

Gregor Böhl and Felix Strobel, the postdoctoral researchers, are joining the team in summer 2017.  The doctoral students contributing to enhancing the MMB are Mátjás Farkas, Meguy Kuete, Philipp Lieberknecht, Lazar Milivojevic (contact person) and Alina Tänzer (contact person).

In the spirit of the MMCI, our objective is to extend the coverage of macroeconomic models in the MMB and to enhance its functionality. Together, we are currently creating a new website for the Initiative which shall be a platform for model comparison and policy analysis, fostering profound interaction amongst researchers in academia and policy institutions. The MMB will be open-source and accessible from this website, greatly reducing “entry”-costs for the user.

Please find detailed information on each member in the section team.

Published by: Taras Markiv

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